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About me

I've worked in different fields, jobs and positions and lived in many different places and moved countless times. I challenged myself with the task of motherhood and was granted two wonderful children. I have explored relationships, family life, marriage, community life, co-living and solitude.


I have a degree in business administration and 20+ years experience in supporting people in workplaces. I am a systemic coach, trainer and consultant and a constant learner. 

I have explored the depths of life while going through a few crises yet I have risen again to discover who I truly am and to embrace life more fully. 

Spending time in nature is my all-time favorite. I love hiking and rambling through the woods and you will more likely find me there than anywhere else. I also enjoy creating with my hands: painting, cooking and gardening. Seeing stuff grow just makes me so happy. Another big joy of mine is dancing and my dance-floor can be anywhere from the kitchen to the beach. This is simply my biggest mood shifter. 


Here on my page I share my love for nature and life and some of the lessons I learned along the way. 

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