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Anja Waterstradt

inspiration & guidance 

for times of change


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Welcome, Friend.

Life is constant change. Changes and times of crisis are part of life and being human. They make us realize what no longer works and where we have lost our way.

But mostly they reach us unexpectedly and unprepared and make us doubt our ability to master them.

Instead we are confronted with many questions:

Where do I go from here?
How do I get through this?
Which decision is the right one?
How can I deal with the uncertainty?

However, times of change can also put us in touch with what is really important to us and what we want for the next phase of our lives. This time can be a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and to discover our very own strengths.

I support you going through these times of change, to find back to yourself and to come out of this with more strength and clarity. 

Here on my site I share some of my personal thoughts and experiences. May they encourage you to embark on the adventure of life with all its magic and beauty.


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be curious

and question everything

what you believed about the world and yourself

Let the doubts and the fear be there for a while

until you find your own answers 

While the old you and the old world might shatter

It makes space for a new you and

a new world to be born

Dare to trust in your strength and trust in life

And dare to meet all of you along the way:

the sadness, the shame, the anger

the joy, the freedom and your power

dare to walk your path

dare to blossom


and dare to be fully you.

Just dare...


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