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I am here for you

We live in a time of transformation. The world around us is changing faster than ever. Often our personal lives are affected and we are pushed to look deeply at what works and what doesn´t work any longer. 


Change and crisis both offer great opportunity and they can lead to expansion and growth. And yes, they can also be extremely demanding. 

In situation like these, we can be suddenly confronted with a high level of stress, fear, not-knowing and uncertainty.


There also might be questions and we wish for clarity and reflection.


For example: 


  • I sense “something needs to change in my life” but I am afraid and unsure.

  • I have lost touch with myself and my passions. Where do I start?

  • My emotions are often getting in the way of truly being me and living my life. 

  • How can I go through times of challenges and crisis as best as possible?

  • How can I support my loved ones that are going through a tough time?


If this is you, then let´s talk.


I offer:

  • Coaching for emotional and mental clarity

  • Support in handling strong emotions 

  • Guidance and reflection in times of uncertainty, change of career, seperation or making difficult decisions

  • Systemic counselling for inner, family and professional conflict

My aim is to support you in navigating difficult times by connecting you deeply to your body wisdom through listening, asking questions and offering reflection so that you find your own answers and your unique way forward. 

I offer sessions via zoom, in English and German. If you are interested in working with me, please contact me.

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